London engagement photoshoot around the Park Lane Hotel

London engagement photoshoot


There’s nothing quite like a London engagement photoshoot as there’s so much variety to inspire the photographer.  So, I was very excited to meet Nandini and Josh at the Park Lane Hotel, the venue for their Hindu wedding a few weeks later, to discuss the details of their wedding day and afterwards to spend a little time around the hotel on their engagement photoshoot.  In the end, we didn’t need to venture more than a few hundred yards from the hotel to find some interesting doorways, an amazing billboard and the tranquility of Green Park.  Towards the end we were joined by a few family members and managed to squeeze in a few extra photos with them for a thoroughly enjoyable engagement photoshoot.

After their London engagement photoshoot Nandini and Josh still have plenty to look forward to with a Mehndi party at the Park Tower Hotel, a wedding at the Park Lane Hotel and a second wedding ceremony in Canberra for friends and family who were unable to travel over from Australia.


The spacewoman with Josh and NandiniCuddling under the starThe engagement ringEngagement shoot near the Park Lane Hotel, London

London engagement shoot in Green ParkEngagement shoot in Green ParkEngagement shoot in Green Park _2Engagement shoot in the streets of LondonJumping in the street on an engagement shoot


An engagement photoshoot is a great way for you to get to know your photographer ahead of your wedding day and allay any worries you might have about being photographed.  Of course, I can also find out more about you too and catch up on how your wedding plans are coming together!  After all, it’s usually the first time that a couple will have spent time with a professional photographer.  It always amazes me to see the natural inhibitions that people have disappear after I show them a few of the shots on the back of the camera.  For another example on the blog, take a look at Katie and Dan’s engagement photoshoot in Hertfordshire.

It’s so nice to see the couple use the photos from the session to personalise their wedding invitations, for a signing frame or even post them to social media as the excitement builds up to the big day.  If you would like a photographer who would love to capture all the love, emotion and passion of your big day then don’t hesitate to drop me a message using the Contact tab, directly email me at [email protected] or phone me on 07852 597914 for a chat.


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