A fun Mallorca wedding in the beautiful Mallorcan village Valldemossa

A Fun Mallorca Wedding in the Beautiful Village of Valldemossa

A destination wedding in the beautiful village of Valldemossa with a fabulous couple who are so in love.  It’s another reminder of why I feel fortunate to be a Mallorca wedding photographer.  We had already met Kathleen and Michael a few days before for an enjoyable engagement photoshoot around the cobbled Valldemossa streets.  No wonder we were excited to be the photographers for their Valldemossa Hotel wedding.

View over Valldemossa with the Valldemossa Hotel on the left and La Cartuja on the right side

After a light breakfast in one of the local coffee shops we headed off to visit Michael and ‘the boys’ getting ready for the big day.  They were staying in the Apartmentos la Cartuja de Valldemossa. This little treasure is hidden away behind a small door that I have walked past several times without realising what lay behind it.

Today was the day that Kathleen and Michael’s Irish and Scottish friends and family were finally celebrating their big day. On the island where they first met many years ago.  It was a really nice touch that Michael and his best man John, wore their family tartan for the wedding.  A few other guests followed the tradition with their own tartans.  I must confess that this was an unexpected but welcome new experience of Mallorca weddings. It all added to the occasion.

Groom getting ready
Michael and Cameron adjust collars for the Valldemossa Hotel wedding
Final touches for his wedding in Valldemossa
Michael and Cameron getting ready for Valldemossa wedding

The wedding was scheduled for midday.  So, with well over an hour to go we took the short walk to the Valldemossa Hotel. We made our way to Kathleen’s suite and started to capture some memories from the bridal preparations.  I really enjoy photographing during this relaxed pre-wedding time.  Everyone is so excited and busy, you can just melt into the background, observe and document the moment.  Eight bridesmaids, two flower girls and several other visitors ensured there was plenty happening!

The make-up and hair were now in full swing. The bridesmaids started to appear in their tangerine dresses.  Champagne corks began to pop too! With time passing quickly, the time came for Kathleen to put on her dress.  She looked radiant.  She was beaming with her huge trademark smile. Happiness was written all over her face and the excitement amongst the gathered bridesmaids was definitely building.

Finally, the time had come to descend the hotel steps towards the waiting guests in the beautiful garden.

Final bridal prep for Hotel Valldemossa wedding
Happy bride at Hotel Valldemossa
Flower girls on stairs at Hotel Valldemossa wedding
Bridesmaids and flower girls coming down stairs at Valldemossa Hotel
Bride on her way to wedding at Hotel Valldemossa

I’m pretty sure that I have never seen a bride look so happy or smile quite so much during a wedding!

A drinks reception followed accompanied by the music of the talented Muntaner Duo.  They then led the guests up the hotel stairs to the wedding breakfast whilst striking out some more great songs.

A radiant bride at her Mallorca wedding at the Valldemossa Hotel
The bride sees the groom at the Hotel Valldemossa
First hug as man and wife at their Mallorca wedding at the Valldemossa Hotel
Guest at the Valldemossa Hotel wedding
Welcoming guest at their Mallorca wedding at the Valldemossa Hotel
Stealing a kiss at their Valldemossa wedding
Happy bride at her Mallorca wedding at the Valldemossa Hotel
A kiss during the speeches at their Mallorca wedding
Jokes during the speeches during a Mallorca wedding at the Hotel Valldemossa

Once the reception was over, we spent a little time in the village streets for a few photos of the happy couple.  For the evening entertainment we all moved to a villa perched on the side of one of the hills overlooking Valldemossa and their wedding venue.  After such a warm day, nearly everyone decided to change into something more casual and a few even cooled off in the pool.  The music started playing and very soon the party was in full swing while the chef prepared a marvellous barbecue for everyone.

Beautiful Mallorca bride at the Valldemossa Hotel
Bride in groomin front of La Cartuja in Valldemossa
Happy bride and groom walking in Valldemossa after their Mallorca wedding
Bride and groom having fun in the Valldemossa streets
Happy bride and groom dancing in the streets of Valldemossa after their Mallorca wedding
Bride and groom and yellow Porsche in Valldemossa
Romantic moment in Valldemossa after their Mallorca wedding
The newlyweds hug after their Mallorca wedding overlooking Valldemossa
Happy couple at the end of their Mallorca wedding day overlooking Valldemossa wedding

After several more hours we left the party and made our way back through the streets to our own accommodation. As it was located on a hill on the opposite side of the valley, we could see the party continuing in to the early hours.  Tired but satisfied after a long day we were left with many happy memories and some new friends.  

Thanks to Kathleen, Michael, all their friends and family and the wonderful staff at the Valldemossa Hotel for making this Mallorca wedding such an amazing experience!

Valldemossa Hotel and villa at night

Take a look at the video slideshow highlights of Kathleen and Michael’s Mallorca wedding here:

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