What is a documentary wedding photographer?

If you love natural-looking photography then documentary wedding photography is the style you are looking for!


This is sometimes referred to as reportage or photojournalistic-style wedding photography. It's all about being able to tell the story of your wedding day through photography. This isn't as easy as it sounds and needs to be compositionally thoughtful, timed to perfection and filled with emotion. No need for words.


As a documentary wedding photographer I strive to capture the essence of your wedding day in an unobtrusive and natural manner as possible. I'm always trying to write your love story with photos.


I get a buzz out of anticipating moments of happiness and emotion and trying to see beneath the obvious. Your wedding day is a day of huge excitement for you and your family and friends. It will fly by! If you are able to emotionally relive those special moments when you look through your wedding photographs, and perhaps even shed the odd tear, then I know I've succeeded as your wedding photographer.


It's a massive privilege to share the day with the couple and their guests. I love it when the groom sees what he missed during the fun of the bridal preparations and the bride discovers what her groom was up to in the time leading up to the wedding!

Can we hire you as our destination wedding photographer?


Yes, please!

I love to travel and soak up the culture, sights and sounds of other countries. Please contact me to discuss further and I'll do everything possible to help keep the costs reasonable.


We can even use the wedding destination for your complimentary pre-wedding photoshoot a day or so ahead of the big day or even a relaxed post-wedding photoshoot if you'd like to exploit the location further.

All your Wedding Photography Collections include ‘Photo-a-Day’. What is this?


OK, you've just got married, you're both excited and you'd love to see some of your wedding photos right away. Well, how about I send you a 'Photo-a-Day' for seven days while you are away enjoying your honeymoon?


Yes, that's what I do for you. Well almost, because it's never just one photo but a 'couple-a-day' as I just can't resist teasing you with a selection of your special moments. As you can imagine, couples just can't resist sharing them with friends and family - I sometimes even get lovely messages from parents and grandparents afterwards!

Tell me about the complimentary engagement or pre-wedding photoshoot?


If you are like most people, the thought of having your photograph taken is pretty scary, which is why I think a pre-wedding photoshoot is such a great idea. The short version is we will meet up, have a chat, take a few photos and have some fun. Simple!


On your wedding day you are going to be spending a lot of time with your photographer. So getting to know one another beforehand on an engagement photoshoot by chatting about your wedding plans and taking some photos in a relaxed setting will build your confidence in front of the camera immensely. You will be pleasantly surprised when you see the back of the camera. Your confidence grows and before you know it you are posing without thinking! I will look for beautiful light and sometimes semi-direct you to produce the most flattering portraits. Other times you will just do your own thing and we'll just roll with it.


Some couples like to chose a location that is special to them for their engagement photoshoot. Some prefer a natural setting and others like the idea of a more urban photoshoot. If you are booking me for your destination wedding then we have the option of having your photoshoot abroad a few days before the big day. You might even want to ask about a post-wedding photoshoot.


What ever you choose to do, at the end of it all you will have a set of beautiful images that you can share with family and friends. If you wish you can have some printed and framed, use on your 'Save the Date' cards or even ask about putting one of your favourites in to a signing frame for guests to add some special words during your wedding reception.


You seem to have a lot of Black & White images on your website?


That's true! I love B&W photography and believe it lends itself to the documentary style of photography as it simplifies the image to a more basic form and helps the viewer focus on the content and emotion of the moment. It has a timeless quality.


The good news is that you will be provided with most of your images in both colour and B&W so you can make any final decisions later when it comes to viewing, printing or album design.

You are also a portrait photographer. How does this help with your wedding photography?


Although I am a documentary wedding photographer, I am also experienced with many aspects of posing, the use of natural light and special lighting techniques such as the use of creative off-camera flash. So, if you would like to spend some time producing some more fashion-styled photos from your wedding then let me know. If you are able to put some extra time aside, we can work together to produce creative and eye-catching photographs. It's entirely up to you.

What other factors have influenced your photographic style?


Good question! I have been a photographer since I was teenager and have ventured in to many other photographic genres such as travel photography, street photography, and nature and macrophotography. This has pushed me to learn new technical aspects and has often taken me way outside my comfort zone.


This is particularly true of my street and travel photography which almost always involves observing and interacting with people who don't know me, sometimes we don't even share a common language - but a smile can go a long way! If you're interested, take a look at my travel blog posts from Vietnam, Marrakech or Central America or for some of my more recent personal photography take a look at my Instagram page.


The buzz I get from this has proved to be an exceptional training ground for my documentary wedding photography tuning the skills of anticipation and observation of human behaviour. In the end, it all comes down to the way you interact with people, and how you photograph them!

What is an ‘unplugged wedding’?


Understandably your friends and family are really excited to be part of your big day and they want to capture photo memories for themselves and to share with you, and I'm sure that you will love receiving them too!


Perversely, the advent of all the amazing smartphone/i-Pad camera technology has persuaded some couples to request an 'unplugged wedding' for just the ceremony part of their special day.

They just want their guests to fully experience the special occasion, listen to every word spoken, really feel the love and emotion and maybe even squeeze the hand of their partner rather than push the shutter button! An 'unplugged wedding' ceremony will probably help your photographer to not miss a special moment through a raised i-Pad unintentionally obscuring the view at just the wrong moment.


If an 'unplugged wedding' ceremony sounds like a good idea to you then just let your guests know beforehand. It's also a good idea to ask the celebrant to remind everyone before the bride makes her appearance to put their cameras away and just sit back and enjoy the wedding. In my experience, guests are very respectful of your wishes. In return you will see nothing but smiling faces as you make your way towards your groom.


There will be loads of other photo opportunities for guests during all the hours of your wedding day. They can even take advantage of any group shots that your photographer arranges on the day as long as the paparazzi kindly hold back for a few moments now and then for the 'money shots' you've paid for!

What can I do with the digital photos that you supply to me?


I supply all your individually edited high and low resolution photos to you on a customised USB and also upload them to your own password-protected web gallery.


Although the photographer nearly always owns the copyright to the photos they have taken I grant a licence to clients to allow them to use their photos in any way, except for commercial purposes. This means that you are free to copy them to multiple devices, share your photos with family and friends, post to social media and websites and print them as you wish.


Although it's nice to view your photos on your smartphone, desktop computer or TV there is nothing quite like viewing a physical print of the photograph either in a framed print or wedding album. If you would like to have your photographs printed and framed at a professional photo laboratory then please get in touch to discuss your requirements. If you would like to consider the option of a beautiful Queensberry or Folio wedding album then take a look at my Investment page for further information.

How do we hire you as our wedding photographer?


I understand that your choice of wedding photographer is a really big decision and you will be considering many options in your selection process.


If you would like to check for my availability or require any other information that will help you to make a decision then please do not hesitate to give me a call or contact me using the Contact Form below and tell me about your wedding plans. I'll send you a copy of my wedding photography brochure for 2019-2020.


It's also useful if you can include a phone contact number as it has occasionally happened that the wrong email has been entered. I promise to only use this if the email address entered fails!

Other questions?


No problem! Just get in touch and I'll do my best to help.

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