Kissing on the bridge at Cap Rocat by Mallorca wedding photographer Graham Warrellow

Emotional and Fun Cap Rocat Wedding in a Spectacular Luxury Fortress

I must confess to being pretty excited to have the opportunity to photograph my first Cap Rocat wedding.

Located around the bay from Palma de Mallorca, it is certainly a stunning location with views over the Mediterranean. Cap Rocat is a luxury coastal boutique hotel and definitely an amazing location for a destination wedding.  Locations such as Cap Rocat are like gold dust for wedding photographers!

Like a lot of the weddings I photograph here, Mallorca has a special significance for the couple.  Quite often the beautiful island of Mallorca is where they first met and this was the case with Hailey and Gareth.

A few scenes at Cap Rocat hotel in Mallorca
The rooftop reception building at bridal shoes at Cap Rocat

Previously, Cap Rocat was a military fortress set back from the rocky Mallorcan coastline.   Now it is a one-of-a-kind boutique hotel with it’s castellated towers, drawbridges, bunkers and trenches.  My mind was in overdrive searching out locations for couples shots later in the evening.

One of the wonderful things about being a wedding photographer is that you get to meet so many amazing couples.  We hear about their stories of how they first met and fell in love.  We witness the tight bonds between parents and their children and we are privileged to capture special, intimate and unrepeatable moments.

Unfortunately, we only managed to meet Hailey and Gareth a few days before their Cap Rocat wedding.  But, from that first moment we could see their close family connections and I knew that this was going to be special.  I wasn’t disappointed!  I witnessed so many touching moments during the bridal preparations involving Hailey’s lovely mum and dad.

The dress, hair and make-up, and bride having fun
Some lovely moments during Hailey’s bridal preparations at her Mallorca wedding
Reflections during bridal preparations
The groom poses on the steps before his wedding

With the guests assembled on the roof terrace and Gareth waiting for his bride ‘A Thousand Years’ began to play.  He smiled nervously in anticipation of seeing Hailey as her bridesmaids walked towards him.  Then she appeared, arm-in-arm with her dad.  He’s proud.  She’s never felt happier.  So happy she could cry.  He turned and they caught sight of one another.  So beautiful!  I never tire of watching and capturing these moments.

A proud dad walks his daughter down the aisle at the Mallorca wedding at Cap Rocat
The bride and her father walk down the aisle before the Cap Rocat wedding
Bride and groom have fun during their Mallorca wedding at Cap Rocat hotel
The beautiful rooftop setting for weddings at Cap Rocat
Bride and groom have a laugh during their rooftop wedding ceremony in Mallorca
Bride and groom hold hands during their beautiful wedding ceremony
Overlooking the Mediterranean the bride and groom enjoy a first kiss after their Cap Rocat wedding
With confetti flying the happy couple after their Cap Rocat wedding in Mallorca

The reception was on the roof terrace area.  A magnificent chandelier providing a dramatic scene for their rehearsed first dance, much to the surprise of the gathered family and friends.  Dad was overcome with emotion, again.  Who could blame him?  Hailey and Gareth had spent months secretly practicing just for this occasion.  The soles of her wedding shoes showed evidence of the time moving and sliding on the dance-floor!

The bride and groom enjoy their first dance at the wedding reception at Cap Rocat in Mallorca
The bride ascends the stairs before her wedding reception at Cap Rocat
All the guests photographed at a beautiful Cap Rocat wedding in Mallorca

Once the excitement had subsided, we had an opportunity to steal ourselves away for some couple shots.  The road down to the beach, the drawbridge, the wobbly bridge and a couple of beautiful portraits were all brought in as props at this Cap Rocat wedding. I love this place!

Bride and groom walk to the sea at Cap Rocat after their Mallorca wedding
Bride and groom kiss on the bridge at Cap Rocat in Mallorca
Bride and groom walk in to Cap Rocat over the bridge
Bride and groom together at Cap Rocat at night
Bride and groom pose with naked man and woman and shoe at Cap Rocat

The evening finished with fun and dancing in something I can only describe as an underground bunker.  Clearly well sound-proofed, as the songs blasted out and the party continued in to the night.

I can’t thank Hailey and Gareth, and their families, enough for all the kindness they showed us on their special day.  It was such a privilege to share their special day with them.  I wish them every happiness for the future.

Bride and groom look out to sea from the bridge at Cap Rocat in Mallorca

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